Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Compliance for CDA in progress for NEHTA Shared Health Summary and Event Summary.  I am loving it - hehe! No really, there is something gratifying with getting that XML through the validator and interpreting your world of business rules and capability to an abstract representation of all health information systems especially when you get to level 3a (structured data; I thought that was the point!). The specs themselves are pretty good to deal with but you get left with some holes every now and again where you have a case no-one has thought of, or so you may think.  When you get onto the right technical people at  NEHTA there are a lot FAQ and advice recommendations which are absolutely invaluable to getting things done and also aligning implementation across the nation.  If you have a question ask for the advice; it will end up being official advice; and part of a standard.  We are really only at the beginning of standardising implementations; there will be changes to digest and implementors better get over it; good advice helps a lot and having a body like NEHTA to own it works for me.

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