Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Oridashi talk the talk and walk the walk

Breaking blog silence - major situation change as my new enterprise Oridashi starts up.  Circumstances have lead me out of Pen Computer Systems and onto new eHealth activities, consulting and contracting to NEHTA and vendors.  Integrating with GP systems, clinical decision support and connecting to the national PCEHR the core offerings.  This move has allowed me to pay more attention to involvement with Standards Australia eHealth committees and enabled me to pursue more freely the promotion and enhancement of standards based clinical systems integration; particularly in the GP space.  At this stage I am promoting the following approaches:

  1. GP integration services are offered to individual companies; this will enhance and support endeavours to access and structure health record information within their systems.  I am promoting broad and effective use of GP health records for appropriate clinical purposes.
  2. Support for the implementation of systems to connect and use the national PCEHR; this includes B2B web services; CDA content based on health records from clinical information systems; and CCA (compliance) processes . I am promoting comprehensive and compliant use of the PCEHR link systems into the national repository for all systems.
  3. Clinical decision support capability for knowledge resource vendors. Standards based approaches to integrating knowledge resources with clinical systems effectively - this can be supplied as delivered software components to vendors or via licensing of Oridashi clinical decision support products with ongoing support and maintenance.
If your organisation needs support in the above areas feel free to contact me directly mob: 0423 083 847 or talk to me at a HL7, Standards Australia or IHE event.

My background is highly implementation focused with a past record of delivered real world functionality.

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