Friday, 13 April 2012

Beat-a-NEHTA, Better-NEHTA?

NEHTA is being beaten from many directions, and it may get worse.  Some perspective is worthwhile - Standards Australia and HL7 has always suffered from lack of volunteer resources and NEHTA has put a fairly broad scope of technical specifications, artifacts and demo implementation material together that may well have taken 10 times longer using volunteer methods.
I do wonder whether the technical aspects of the the program would have been better served by gathering experts with the historical standards development background.  I think a call to serve the program, appropriate remuneration, and a decent contract length might have enticed a number of those with the right stuff together.  I think there a probably a dozen folks that have driven standards here and abroad that given opportunity to work full time could have really accelerated outcomes.  Like any project a small switched on team can make good decisions and an expanded group can review and confirm (does sound like your average HL7 committee).
I think in general there has been some quite positive activity; I am not that impressed with the spend to achieve that activity.

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