Sunday, 21 July 2013

#FHIR server 2 - what is better than one FHIR server?

Okay - so now some basic support for getting and searching for some types of resources in my first FHIR server is up and running I thought it time to clean up my framework and show why one might do standards in the first place....

The first FHIR server up for a while  is wrapping Australian primary care system 'Best Practice'; it's major competitor in the clinical system market is 'Medical Director'  - all together these comprise approximately 85% of the clinician seats in use.  So it was time to start wrapping 'Medical Director' so it to could be accessed via the FHIR REST interfacing.

To begin with this second server only supports conformance, patient, condition and procedure resources - but this will be expanded in scope soon to match the first server.

There are some interesting things remaining to address:

  • history - very keen to support this interaction; want to play with feeds used to aggregate data
  • tools - looking at using FHIR based client tools to deliver functionality for multiple clinical systems

Check out some samples at now 2 servers!

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