Tuesday, 14 May 2013

#FHIR Connectathon 3

I had a long night participating in FHIR Connectathon 3 the main objective for me was to get a couple features done and have some real interaction with FHIR client apps.

I participated remotely which is really not the best.... after all I miss all the action at dinner!  But thanks to skype I was reasonably connected.  The timezone was the killer 11pm-6am is a bit of a stretch for this old man.

Happily managed to get some interaction happening; really only patient resource but managed to get paging information added to ATOM feed and put in some support for JSON representation of the feed.

Since connectathon completed I have added MedicationPrescription and Procedure resources.

Still to do - search parameters for all of the resources (except Patient) and history operation.

Reference - Oridashi Hiasobi FHIR Server: http://www.oridashi.com.au/fhir

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